December 03, 2006

Memories of Underdevelopment

Mirta Ibarra answering questions to the public after the screening of "Memories of Underdevelopment", by cuban director Tomás Gutiérrez Alea.

November 30, 2006

29th November: Madeinusa

Claudia Llosa kept the crowds during the most attended Q&A session of the festival

Actor Carlos de la Torre and writer-director Claudia Llosa during the Q&A after Madeinusa

Claudia Llosa, festival programmer Yos Rivas and actor Carlos de la Torre

Director Claudia Llosa addresses questions from the audience after Madeinusa

November 28, 2006

28th November: Rosario Tijeras

Emilio Maillé with members of the film festival team:
Gaby Saunders, Yos Rivas, Emilio Maillé, Jorge Garayo, Mario Cerna and Germán Martínez

Rosario Tijeras Q&A with Emilio Maillé

Entering the Covent Garden special screening of Rosario Tijeras; Emilio Maillé and Yos Rivas

27th November: Everyman Cinema

Arturo Ripstein interviewed by Ignacio Duran from the Mexican Embassy

Arturo Ripstein and Paz Alicia Garciadiego talk
about DEEP CRIMSON to Ignacio Duran (centre)

November 27, 2006

26th November: Buñuel and Mexico at the Tate Modern

26th November: Buñuel and Mexico at the Tate Modern

Jorge Garayo welcoming Arturo Ripstein and Emilio Maille to the discussion on Buñuel at the Tate Modern

Panel following the screening of Nazarin and A Mexican Buñuel: Arturo Ripstein, Ignacio Duran and Emilio Maille

Arturo Ripstein discussing how he met Luis Buñuel

Ignacio Duran and Emilio Maille discussed his documentary on Buñuel

Mr and Mrs Duran with Paz Alicia Garcia Diego and Arturo Ripstein

Arturo Ripstein with Yos Rivas and Monserrat Roig

Gaby Saunders, Yos Rivas and Montserrat Roig de Puig

German Martinez, Yos Rivas and Ignacio Duran at the Corona drinks

Volunteers enjoying themselves after the event

November 26, 2006

25th November: Everyman Cinema

Enjoying Corona and nice food from Mestizo!

25th November: Everyman Cinema

Our first screening at the Everyman Cinema Club!

Camila Wilson introducing Family Law at the Everyman Cinema Club

Entering the cosy room in screen 2 at the Everyman Cinema Club

November 24, 2006

DLA Film Festival Opening Gala Night

All these images were taken on the Opening Gala night of Discovering Latin America Film Festival 2006 on the 23rd November 2006 in London

Jorge Duran (middle) arrives at his opening gala night of Forbidden to Forbid

DLA Film Festival Opening Gala Night

Opening Gala Night

DLA Film Festival Opening Gala Night

Odeon Covent Garden opening gala Q&A

Jorge Garayo, Film Festival director

Jorge Duran at the Opening Night in ODEON Covent Garden